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Let's disrupt markets together: Our team is always looking for you! We are interested in passionate people who are interested on working on entrepreneurial projects with market potential! Join our group to expand your skill-set and help us reach new levels.

Employee History

ChE 4W04 2019-2020

Development of Polymer-based Hail-resistant Roofing Materials: Lisa Tran, Evan Krushelnycky, Ryan Seto, Jonathan Tong all assisted with incredible work on fundamental research and simulation for this project.

ENGNMGT 5B03 2019

Thermochromic PVC Roofing Product: Anirudh Siwach, Himanshu Mistry, Nafeel Farooqui, Toby Anoliefo, Shishir Dhakal (part of Oximillian Engineering and Consultation Enterprise) all put in tremendous work and effort to get understand the fundamentals of bringing temperature dependent colour changing roofing membranes to the market.

ChE 4W04 2020-2021

Hydrogel-Coated Woven Fabric for Oil-Water Separation: Ana Arežina, Kristen Abels, Patrick Hehl, Maddison Kargus, Cassandra Stothers are assisting with lab fundamentals and experimental validation of commercializing a coated fabric that can save oil spills of all sizes.

ChE 4W04 2021-2022

Improving Hydrophobicity of Bioplastics Through Advanced Nanostructure Fabrication: Xiaotian Luo, Bill Li, Tong Sun, Yifan Wang, Luxin Wang assisting in the feasability study and lab scale product development for tunability of nanostructures.

ChE 4W04 2021-2022

Industrializing and Scaling Bioplastics - Manufacturing Challenges: Samantha Usas, Rica Yacon, Avinash Nagendra, Adrian Dipietro​ assisting in the feasability study and operating window development.

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