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As an innovation consultancy company that has the pulse of the new economy for industrial products: global and connected. We come from engineering and innovation program backgrounds, and have one foot firmly planted in the future. We help prepare you to overcome the disruptions that rapidly changing technologies and evolving society bring to you and your business. We bring futures insight.

We are helping de-risk development for our clients by creating proof-of-concept prototypes for aspects of the envisioned future solution (R&D). Training you and your staff on how to think about and execute these innovation processes yourself.

Innovation Project Portfolio

  • Polymer Processing

    Improving the process through machine learning, optimizing the process parameters to improve quality or for new products.

  • Recycling and Sustainability

    Innovative proprietary technology for recycling thermoplastics and thermoset polymers.

  • Wastewater Managment

    Introducing new technologies to reduce contamination in water resources in various industries.

  • Anti-mold Coatings

    Developed a well tailored anti-mold and antimicrobial coatings and paints to end-user requirements.

  • Bioplastics and Biodegrability

    The case of bioplastics illustrates how business models can link producers and customers through the development of new technologies and products. Chemical companies have assumed that reducing costs, increasing yields, and developing better feedstock supplies will guarantee the success of bioplastics in the market, yet a number of unconventional hurdles exist. Companies need to build markets for bioplastics and to assure customers that bioplastics are indeed sustainably made. We contend that companies are most able to develop business models that bring bioplastics to market effectively when they develop and mobilize their “dynamic capabilities” around sustainability.

  • Modeling and Simulation

    Using atomic simulation, coarse grained simulation, computational fluid dynamics, and machine learning to understand material properties and predictive understanding for compatability, thermo-mechanical properties, polymer processing, and formulation of compounds.

Research Roadmap

Unlocking new potentials and innovations starts at the heart of good research. With a more scientific and modern approach with respect to the past generations, an ideal material has to fulfill the new challenges and demandings needs. These rules help for innovations and novelty in designing new products.

New Emerging Idea
Assemble concepts and understand relations
Viability Analysis
Market intelligence give clear views on economic and environmental impact
Identify Scientifically
Gain insight into academic theories in subject matter
Industrial Research and Prototype
With both academic and industrial links to the research, the emerging market can be pushed from the lab to the market with a strong technical background
Ontario Center of Excellence
McMaster University
McMaster University
University of Waterloo

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